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Ayurvedic Wellness Centre


Our most sought-after Wellness packages

  1. Rejuvenation

  2. Stress Management

  3. Weight Management

  4. Detox and Purification

We also arrange special Health Tours/Events thrice a year on specific conditions like – Sexual Health, Professional Health Hazards, Anxiety/Depression.


Kadumane Hills is part of nature’s own ayurvedic garden. Experience our authentic Ayurvedic wellbeing treatments - be it stress symptoms, obesity, detoxification or to increase one’s wellbeing.

Following our ayurveda wellness programs will always bring you back to the balance of life and align you with the harmony of nature.

Kadumane Hills benefits

  • Serene and tranquil location for therapy in the heart of nature surrounded by untouched forests

  • Use of “Nadi Pariksha” for diagnosis

  • Targeted Therapy for our clients to achieve maximum benefits

  • Evidence based therapy

  • Handpicked herbs and cold pressed oils used to make authentic ayurvedic medicines

  • No use of chemicals and preservatives or synthetic processing

  • Benefits achieved by experience of our doctors with proven objective diagnosis

  • After therapy follow-up teleconsultations with prescriptions for diet and exercise

Our wellness team

  • Our ayurvedic Doctor and Researcher has 20 years of practice in ayurvedic medicine treatments and shastras

  • Ably supported by other ayurvedic doctors and trained consultants

  • Qualified therapists from Kerala

  • Best Malnad hospitality and service

We understand what wellness means

  1. Right Weight with good immunity and fitness

  2. Right Routine in tune with our profession

  3. Right amount of sleep & stress management

  4. Right lifestyle

Based on our experience, we have put together various treatment packages that have authentic approaches to best achieve intended results.

Your journey to wellness begins with...

  1. Register your interest with us (use below registration form)

  2. Tele-consult with our ayurveda doctors to understand your wellness needs

  3. Package prescription and booking

  4. On arrival, cottage allocation with a welcome herbal drink

  5. Body Vitals check and Nadi Pariksha (Computerised Pulse) diagnosis

  6. Begin therapy and activities as prescribed by our ayurveda doctor

  7. Follow authentic ayurvedic sessions everyday as prescribed

  8. Served with good healthy veg food / diet

  9. Repeat Nadi Pariksha (Computerised Pulse) diagnosis on last of your treatment

  10. Tele-consult with our ayurveda doctors to understand benefits achieved from treatment

  11. Follow-up and tele-consultations (2nos) with our ayurveda doctors


  • Cottage accommodation as per your choice

  • Ayurvedic Doctor consultations

  • Nadi Pariksha diagnosis and reports

  • Ayur Wellness treatments, Diet/Veg Food and associated medicines

  • Yoga and Meditation sessions

  • Follow-up tele-consultations (2 nos) after treatment


  • Drop and Pickup to and from our wellness centre

  • Local tourism

  • Taxes as applicable

I want to know more

Please register your interest know more about various Ayurvedic treatments and packages.

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