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Kadumane Hills Resorts

& Ayurvedic Wellness Center


The perfect destination for nature lovers and an ideal place to get rejuvenated.

Kadumane Hills is part of nature’s own Ayurvedic garden. Experience our authentic Ayurvedic well-being treatments - be it stress symptoms, obesity, detoxification or to increase one’s well-being.

Experience the outdoors. Connect with nature. Rediscover yourself.

The Kadumane Hills Resorts, located in the midst of the Western Ghats, is surrounded by evergreen forests with an exceptionally high level of biological diversity and endemism and is recognized as one of the world’s eight ‘hottest hotspots’ of biological diversity.

Ayur Wellness

Kadumane Hills Ayur Wellness Center is the perfect destination for those seeking a holistic healing experience. With their expert team of therapists and natural wellness solutions, they are dedicated to providing a transformative journey back to a balanced state of health and well-being.


Leisure  Accommodation

Kadumane Hills is an exquisite accommodation experience that gives guests a unique opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our luxurious amenities and services allow guests to enjoy the ultimate relaxation in unmatched comfort and style.

Amenities & Events

Kadumane Hills is a leading amenities and events provider, specializing in creating immersive experiences for our guests. From private gatherings to corporate functions, our team is committed to ensuring each event is exactly what our guests envisioned and more.

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What to expect at Kadumane Hills



We have preserved this place as naturally as we had found have found it. This estate was acquired in its pristine form and developed from January 2016 onwards. We have planted Coffee and Pepper on our estate. We do not have Tea Plantations. If you are looking for a Tea estate it is 3km from us.​

Wooden Cottages

Each of our cottages is equipped with a sit-out overlooking natural valleys. The approximate area of our cottages is 15ft x 20ft. Cottage windows are fitted with a mesh to prevent insects from sneaking inside. There are no TVs. We want our guests to spend and appreciate serene surroundings outdoors and also to connect to nature them. Our cottages are constructed with natural materials and are designed to have natural air circulation to keep cool inside. All our cottages are Non-AC but have fans. 



Our estate is 17km from Sakleshpura town and well-laid concrete roads make a comfortable drive. The last 1km leading up to the estate has kaccha roads taking you into the midst of a forest and coffee estates. Before reaching the estate, the drive leads you to a shallow stream that needs to be crossed.

Only 4x4 jeep vehicles are allowed at this crossing. All other guest vehicles need to be parked before this crossing at the designated parking lot and our estate jeep will take you inside.  Our estate entrance is a 5-minute walk from this parking lot. One can also choose to walk this stretch and sure we'll transfer luggage to cottages.


Kadumane Hills Estate is located on a hilltop with a panoramic view of a valley of paddy fields and coffee estates amongst forests. We have taken care to preserve this place as natural as we had found it. In this natural setting, guest cottages are built with modern facilities to make their stay comfortable.


Our property is a hill with slopes and a plateau at the top. Cottages are accessible by walk and vehicles. The cottage entrance is a few steps from the approach estate road.

Food - We serve popular vegetarian dishes of Malnad, South, and North Indian cuisines. On request, we also prepare Jain food without onion or garlic. We do not stock or serve alcoholic drinks. BYOL.

Drinking Water - Filtered natural water from a dug well, fed from the perennial mountain stream. 

Senior and Disabled - The natural hilly terrain of our property poses challenges for everyone. If our guests have any disability or if there are senior citizens then please let us know in advance before booking so that we can accommodate by offering cottages near the Dine area, or cottages that can be accessed without steps. Such cottages are limited so please let us know in advance before booking your cottages.


Our unique location experience

  • Nature stays with serenity and tranquility, Kadumane Hills Wellness Centre is located at the heart of South India’s Western Ghat mountain ranges

  • Elevation 956 MSL – our center is built on top of a hill with nature views all around 

  • Wooden Cottages perched on a hilltop with valley views (non-AC)

  • Get welcomed by fresh air from surrounding forests and chirping birds

  • Views - Stunning views of the valley and surrounding Kadumane forests and coffee plantations

  • Climate - Salubrious temperate climate all year around 31°C to 14°C (87°F to 57°F)

  • Distances - Nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport 129km away. Distance to Bangalore city is 224km

Relax in the serene surroundings of our estate which will help you give up any thoughts of our mundane world.

Added to it is the thrill of trekking in the nearby hills. One can indulge in a plantation walk, bird watching in the estate where you come close to nature, and even 4x4 off-roading for more adventurers.

Experience our vegetarian cuisine serving local Malnad specialties along with south and north Indian dishes.

Our resort only serves vegetarian cuisine.

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Time of India - Enhance your health

Enhance your health in a haven amidst nature

Christina Windsor

3 months ago on  Google 

" I stopped at Kadumane Hills for a few days while traveling trough the South of India and I had a very pleasant stay! The food they served 3 times a day was so good and they always had a great variety of different dishes served. The cottages "

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