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About Us

At Kadumane, we are guided by our Hills! 

H - Hospitality  - We are passionate about delivering a memorable guest experience

 - Integrity      - We do the right thing, all the time

L  - Leadership - We are the Leaders in what we do

L  - Loyalty        - Cherishing experiences earn our guest Loyalty

S  - Simplicity    - We keep it Simple!

Our Vision

Our Values


Discover new uncharted places that will help connect us with nature deeply.


Passionate about our hospitality and enthusiastic in everything we do, we go the extra mile – beyond what is expected and required – and exude contagious positive energy.

Planet Made of Plastic

Eco-friendly Estate

Located in the pristine Western Ghats, together we have the responsibility to preserve these forests and the environment. 


To keep this place plastic free, we request our guests not to bring or leave any kind of plastic items during their stay.  Any plastic item brought and used must be taken back. We appreciate your co-operation.


Spare a thought for how long waste takes to decompose:

Paper Towel - 2-4 weeks 

Cigarette Butts - 10-12 years 

Foamed Plastic Cups - 50 years 

Plastic containers - 50-80 years 

Plastic Bottles - 450 years 

Disposable Diapers - 550 years 

Plastic Bags - 200-1000 years!

Media Coverage

ET Business Excellence Bengaluru 2021-22

Shining the Spotlight on the Business Czars of Bengaluru

A Celebration of Excellence and Exemplary Performance

Excellence in customer service


Time of India - Enhance your health

Enhance your health in a haven amidst nature

Awards / Recognition

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